Collaborating with the local farmer and The Village-owned Enterprises (BUMDes) for a sustainable economy

Local Farmer

Indo Brown Sugar proud to grow together  with the local farmers  and the owned enterprise to produce the high quality and purity of organic coconut sugar. It is not easy to collect premium standard Organic Coconut Sugar in local Market before  because of this Farmers only selling their products around the local markets with low price due of the overvlow production and narrow Market in local area.

In this way, Indo Brown Sugar team bring Management support system  under continue internal control system which continually engage with all the local farmers to be  fully integrated as producer of organic coconut sugar base on natural plantation with the high quality control processing to  provide continue  productions result for international standard.

The village-owned enterprises (BUMDes)

Organic coconut sugar is famous with  the name  Javanese Sugar in Indonesian. It is because Java Island is the biggest heaven of coconut tree landscape which has a good productive field either for wet or dry coconut agriculture, from the seashore to the mountains. Because of this potential, the Indonesian’s Government develops the program called BUMDes (Village-owned Enterprises) to make the business system managed by the local community.  One of the development business is the centre of Organic Coconut Sugar in Central Java.

Further to this,  Indo Brown Sugar continually enganges with the  BUMDes to produce Organic Coconut sugar with the commitment in quality control serves by Indo Brown Sugar as the basis for every operational decision in the sourcing and production process it is because we know the important of the High Quality Control Points in leading the best product to feasible for export qualification.